SUKI LONDON is a contemporary and luxury fashion womenswear label based in London in 2015. 

The brand is characterised by its modern and elegant design that focuses on exquisite craftsmanship. The designer behind the brand has a vision to create an enduring and timeless elegance. Using luxurious fabrics and modern tailoring the result is a chic and minimalist aesthetic which the brand prides itself on.

SUKI London is based on the philosophy “Less is More”, redefining modern womenswear and preserving timeless classic attitudes. SUKI is offering modern women her vision of femininity through elegant and infinitely classic design (collection). Her label, SUKI London is synonymous with immortal garments of the female wardrobe. SUKI London reflects a unique interpretation of femininity and modernity by creating luxury garments. English classic tailoring and clean silhouettes are crafted from refined fabrics inspiring and being inspired by modern and confident women in urban cities. SUKI London empowers modern women to embrace individuality, uniqueness and femininity.

SUKI is the representative of women in a new era, crossing multiple fields from the workplace to social events, then returning to the family. She is well balanced with her exquisite lifestyle and efficient working standards. What is she trying to present is a combination of women power and elegance. Not only can she be comfortable and capable, but also to meet her delicate and luxury needs.